New to VSIBC

What to Expect

   When you choose to attend VSIBC, you will find a family!  We believe that a church should be loving, close and caring. This world and life can bring unexpected difficulties, but we at VSIBC want to help you “carry the load” and make life worth living!

Sunday School

   We use the King James Bible for all preaching, teaching and various ministries. During our Sunday-school hour, you will find various classes for different ages. The adults meet in the main/front auditorium where we share coffee and a Bible lesson. We take prayer requests and share answered prayers with the class. From time-to-time to you will have the opportunity to meet missionaries who will teach the class and share their experiences from the foreign mission fields.

Here at VSIBC, we believe that the future generation is our most precious commodity. Our children deserve the very best, in not only Bible training, but training for life!  We have Sunday school classes for ages 4 yrs. through 5th grade and a Teens’ class called the Victorious Teens, 7th -12th grade. Your child will find lessons prepared to meet their needs.  We always strive to not only direct your children closer to God, but to you as the parent! We recognize that it is a parent’s responsibility to raise & train their children and that church ministries are simply great tools in helping parents accomplish their goal of raising their children to be responsible, Christian adults who love our Lord Jesus Christ and our country!  A snack is typically provided during the Sunday School time for the children.

Not only do our teachers pray for each child in their class, but you can expect your child to receive personal visits, letters and an occasional phone call from their teacher as well. We strive to be an encouragement to each child and their family! Special meetings/trips, youth activities and future club-ministries will also be available to your children throughout the year.

The Nursery

   There is a nursery provided for children 3 years and under. You will find a safe, clean environment for your little ones. We don’t believe that a nursery is just a baby-sitting service. Here at VSIBC, our workers sing, provide coloring pages, and teach simple Sunday-school lessons using pictures and flannel graphs. We strive to give personal attention to your child.  Healthy, age-appropriate snacks and juices are provided only with parents’ approval. Or, you can feel free to inform our nursery workers if you have provided your own snack for your child. Our nursery workers have had background checks to provide for the utmost safety and are also CPR certified in the event that an emergency arises which might require such attention.

The Main Service

   In the main services, we sing conservative music directly out of the hymn books and you will enjoy specials sung by our various trios, quartets and soloists.  We do recognize first-time visitors who are in attendance by simply asking you to stand so that we may provide you with a special gift for being our guest! If our Pastor has not personally met you beforehand, he may ask your name and where you are from during this time. We do take offerings and but we do not expect our visitors to contribute to the offerings unless it is of their own accord. So please feel free to come as you are to enjoy the preaching and singing! As a church family, we hope you will continue to attend VSIBC!

Junior Church

   There is a Junior Church provided during the main Sunday-morning service for ages 4yrs – 5th grade. Your child will be able to participate in singing, Bible games & trivia, prizes and there will be Bible preaching each week. Your children will want to come back every week for the fun and excitement as they learn Bible truths from God’s Word!